5 Essential Considerations that will Determine your Email Solution Plan

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5 Essential Considerations that will Determine your Email Solution Plan

Over the last couple of decades, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have completely upended connectivity and collaboration as we know it – at least in the personal sphere.

Business communication, however, is a woefully different story, with most organizations still relying on outmoded and severely limiting email platforms for day on day exchanges. Compared to personal accounts, corporate profiles are 6.2 times as likely to receive phishing emails and 4.3 times more likely to get malware-infected mails, reports Google. And for non-profits, this number soars even higher, with up to 2.3 times more malware mails than regular business accounts.

So, it’s no surprise that companies in every segment – private, public, non-profit, or education – are looking to partner experienced email solution providers. In a world replete with security risks and rising IT costs, this could generate significant savings, and fortify business frameworks so that daily workflows aren’t impacted.

Here are 5 best practices to guide email solution selection, and determine a plan that adequately fits business-specific needs:

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

Cisco’s report suggests that by 2020, up to 14.1 zettabytes in traffic will flow through the cloud, and a significant chunk of this would be email. Companies must be ready for this wave and choose solutions that are feasible not just in the ‘here and now’, but also in the long run.

Consider a ‘Pay as you go’ model instead of a one-time purchase. This allows dynamic pricing, ensuring zero resource wastage and easy upgrades as your team size increases. Backed by a well-articulated Service Level Agreement (SLA), the provider is always on the same page and consistently delivers quality services.

Enable seamless scalability

With the proliferation of startups and SMBs in the contemporary business landscape, scalability is on everyone’s mind. However, research suggests that 70% of startups struggle to scale and at least 46% is a result of poor planning.

It’s essential to have frameworks in place that grow with your organization, keeping customers happy and, of course, loyal. 71% customers today expect assistance in just 5 minutes. However, with sluggish email solutions that struggle with downtimes and errors, this is often an impossible task. Mithi Software’s solutions are fine-tuned according to individual team sizes, both current and projected, to support (and be part of) your business’ growth trajectory.

Support open source tools

Central to tech usage today is mobile access, and as devices become more diverse in terms of capability and configuration, solutions must also evolve in tandem. Access to open source integration via powerful APIs or even built-in, platform-agnostic access, would address this issue.

Today, more and more employees are logging into their corporate email accounts off premise. That’s why Mithi provides uniform hosting services across desktop, mobile, and even web. A browser-based solution means your email tool is free from any constraints and can perform adequately on any interface.

Strengthen security firewalls

Email is a major attack vector for businesses, via phishing, malware, or even garden-variety spam. With incidences of breach increasing and the cost of mitigation also on the rise, it’s important to institute a protected communication framework. Interestingly, nearly 75% of startups are the brain-child of people who have been in the business for over 6 years. This means, they are acutely familiar with the most common attacks – and their potential impacts – on business.

Adding to this, Gartner claims, that 75% of organizations will treat archived data as an active and ‘nearline’ data source by the end of next year. It is therefore critical that security measures around email are reinforced. Mithi partners with globally recognized & award-winning security technology professional Trend Micro to meet your security benchmarks.

Remember, email is the #1 way that malware enters your company. Rewiring outmoded solutions is the first step to curbing this menace.

Allow easy data retrieval, in bulk

One of the major factors driving email hosting solutions implementation is easy access to data. However, encrypted systems or multi-layered password policies can’t become an impediment to workflows. As businesses scale and explore new horizons, bulk operations assume an important role.

Imagine this use-case: a customer has been interacting with your organization for weeks now and the executive in charge goes on extended leave. The entire data set has to be reallocated to a new executive – that too, with minimal delay.

The mail trail has to be extracted, analyzed, and rerouted in full without disturbing ‘Business as Usual’ – that’s the magic of built-in bulk functions.

Navigating a highly populated market?

The tech landscape is peppered with collaboration software and it can often be a difficult choice, zeroing in on the right solution for your business. What’s essential, is to first prioritize your unique parameters, such as team size, security levels, scalability goals, in-house IT admins, and the like.

For a multi-site business, for instance, opting for a ‘managed services’ approach makes more sense, where your IT vendor shares the requirements to ease in-house workloads across business locations.

Another factor that’s often assumed but usually overlooked, is 24/7 availability. Weigh round-the-clock support against on-demand, and choose what’s best for your business.

Selecting your email solution provider is just ground zero. Ideally, this would be a long-term partnership, capable of incorporating other business applications on web or via API, geared for sustained growth.

About Mithi SkyConnect 

Mithi offers Amazon Web Services-based backed support, ensuring 99.99% availability and 24/7 support. What this means, in a nutshell, is near zero downtimes – and quick, easy resolution just in case there is one. Click here to explore how you could achieve 99.9% service uptime and 99.999999999% data durability guarantee for your business.

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