3 ways an Ideolve Note can increase your Team’s Productivity

In Today’s fast paced, always on world, there is a need for a solution, to de-clutter and help organize conversations, for better and deeper collaboration.

Research shows that people are moving further away from email and taking to collaborative tools such as Ideolve, for more meaningful and in depth discussion around a particular topic.

According to Irwin Lazar from Nemretes Research, IT leaders are starting to see the value in collaboration apps, in the context of a team being able to converse within a space reserved for a specific topic, versus having to have everything sitting in one’s inbox.

In this blog, we give you an overview, of how notes within Ideolve can help with your team collaboration needs:

Notes help set order within the Chaos

Often times, employees in an organisation end up working on different projects or assignments simultaneously. Keeping track of these conversations, especially through emails can be troublesome and time consuming.

Using notes in Ideolve can help bring order, as each note corresponds to a single topic or project. Any conversation pertaining to that subject is visible through comments made within the note. Adding tags to every note, makes it easier to classify and search for different notes.

Add tags

Notes facilitate better team cohesion

Often times, a new employee is added to an existing note, or employees are added at different stages during the course of a project.

When a person is added, he or she is able to view all the previous comments and get a gist of the flow of the conversation. With the help of the Note activity function, newly added users can easily and quickly catch up with the conversation.

Note Activity

This helps them jump straight into collaborating, without needing a separate brief. Thus setting up an environment for a cohesive team.

Notes enable collaboration with external teams

Ideolve notes need not be confined within your organisation alone. Ideolve allows users to invite and share notes with people from outside the organisation for better collaboration.

For example, your organisation may be working with external blog writers, agencies or even customers. Sharing a note with these external parties can help in tying the conversation around one topic. This frees the organisation from having to search through a web of mails, and ease the level of collaboration. .

We are always looking for ways to improve on our platform and services. We would love to hear your feedback and how your team uses Ideolve.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog!

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